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I love cinch because it is a social game and lots of fun.  It is never over until it is over - just go money!!! I am a seasoned veteran and love the game.  It takes a bit to learn the game but after that you will never look back. I play a lot of bridge and cinch - bridge is very good for the mind and cinch is much more social.


My wife and I have been playing Cinch for 3 or 4 years now. It's easy to learn and fun to play. The rules seem a little intimidating at first but don't let that stop you. You'll get the hang of it in no time, and you'll meet some great people and make new friends. We did.

Mike & Diana

While an experienced player of whist, cribbage, etc, I'm a novice at Cinch. Cinch offers some challenges - playing with a partner, strategy and the 'money' bid. Lots of people can play given the right venue. Not difficult to learn, just an opportunity for continued learning playing with  different partners and using new strategies. The game is usually 'fast' and there is always the adrenaline rush for the finish with the possibility of a money bid. Definitely not as predictable - an excellent start does not mean an automatic win.


I like Cinch because the game is only with 6 cards and goes quick - total of 11 points per game - so you aren't all night playing one game. I myself have been playing for about 9 years so I should feel like a seasoned player but some hands I get puts me back to a novice, so anything can happen in this game! This game is my card game of choice because of the fun and any team can win right to the last minute!

Cinch is not too difficult to learn if you get a coach the first few times to give pointers such as working toward high card points, this may be the high or low card and do I need to do different strategy since the Jack has not turned up or the opposing team has it.

 I prefer cinch because it is a light hearted game that doesn't need terrific concentration so you can also socialize. A whole social group that has sprung up because of this great game.


I like Cinch because it is easy to learn. I have Fibromyalgia and with that have a terrible time remembering, but I was able to pick this game up quickly. It sounds much more complicated than it actually is. I also find that everyone is so willing to help you and people are not serious. They’re out for a good time like I am. I can play the cards I enjoy without having to worry that someone will be upset with me because I played the wrong card. It might be pointed out to me that I should have played the card at a different time but always as a suggestion and the reason why.


Quite simply I like the game and find it interesting. I suppose I have to be considered a seasoned veteran. The basics are very easy to learn but the bidding tactics and subtleties of the game take longer. Cinch is definitely a different game but players familiar with Cribbage and Bridge or Whist will find some similarities. Over the years I have enjoyed many different games and Cinch is as enjoyable as any and more so than most.


After playing Cinch for just two evenings, I have become an advocate! I enjoy the quick pace, variety, challenge and especially that it is relatively easy to learn. After years of euchre, hearts, etc., it is great to have another interesting option. Playing teams with a partner enhances the fun since he/she can certainly increase the chance of a win and add to the social aspect. Lots of laughs and quick turn-abouts! Cinch is really unlike any other card game I've played, yet still has the feeling of some familiarity about it. I like that I don't have to remember too much and that there are numerous ways to rack up points (or lose them!).


I like Cinch because it is a team game which makes it different from most other card games. I am an experienced card player and have been playing cinch for five years. Cinch is an easy card game given prior experience with trump games. Unique aspect of Cinch is playing trump at any time. Team play. Cinch is most similar to other team based trump games such as bridge or 500.


I look forward to a game of Cinch. The rules are different from most other games which make it fun and challenging for me. And the other players are very helpful and help to make it a fun and social evening.


I have been playing cinch for 5 years and really enjoy getting together with people in a fun and relaxed atmosphere. Cinch is a fun partner game, especially if you play gals against the guys and the guys lose and have to do the dinner dishes etc. Cinch is not complicated to learn and after playing a few times most people are comfortable enough to relax and enjoy the bantering. Cinch is similar to other trump games like "bugger your buddy" or Wizard, but is simpler with only having six cards in your hand. Take the time to join a cinch game and see for yourself the enjoyment that is in a deck of cards.



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