History of Cinch

We honestly don't know for certain where the game of Cinch originated. However after receiving several emailed inquiries decided we might as well say so on the website. Some people believe the game originated in Cumberland, British Columbia, Canada (on Vancouver Island). Some believe it originated in Pennsylvania, USA. Both places have a coal-mining history, so perhaps there is a connection. There is some thought the game originated in Britain, another area with coal mining activity. Perhaps some miners moved from one area to the other and brought the game along.

We learned the game is also popular in Denmark.

As far as we are concerned it really doesn't matter much either way. We don't have any reliable data on the history of Cinch, and aren't even looking for any. We just like to play the game! The primary purpose of this website is merely to promote the game.

This page was last edited Saturday, December 29, 2012

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