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Here are links to two Cinch related websites where you can play online. Links open in a new window.

You can play Pitch online and totally free. Rules are a bit different from the Cinch game described here. Register to create an account and then you can play and post messages on the message board. Key differences:

  1. The dealer cannot pass, if everyone passes he/she must bid at least two.

  2. There is no Money Bid.

  3. The score starts at 11 and you need to reach 0 to win. If you fail your bid then your score increases and so can be considerably more than 11 points from winning. In Cinch you start at 0 and your score cannot go below that, so you are never more than 11 points for winning.

You can play 3 players singled-handed and 4 players, either single-handed or with a partner.

You can play against other human players that may have logged in, though often there are few if any. If there are no humans you can still play with/against the bots.

Comments about the bots. Thanks to clever programming they play well most of the time but at times are rather 'stupid'.

  • Bots will too readily cough up the jack of trump even they have another trump card they could have played.

  • If you throw down a 10 so your bot partner can take the trick for game points when the partner is the last player of the round, you cannot count on the bot to do so, even when it is able.

  • Sometimes the bots will make very risky bids with poor cards.

However the game can still be fun and is a good way to kill a boring time.

Not free, but you may wish to check it out.

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